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Attention PTA Treasurers! It's Tax time!! printer friendly page

If you have the usual June 30 year end, all PTAs and PTSAs must file their federal tax returns by November 15, or request an automatic three month extension by the same date to avoid late filing penalties. Depending on your gross revenue and net assets, you will file a 990-N, a 990-EZ or the full 990. Here are the levels:


Use 990-N (e-postcard, very short and simple and can be filed electronically) - if your annual gross receipts are less that $50,000

Use 990-EZ (really not so EZ- it's about 20 pages) - if your gross revenues are $200,000 or less and your net assets are under $500,000

Use 990- if your gross revenues are above $200,000.


If you need more time to sort all this out, file for the three month Automatic Extension on Form 8868; then you have until February 15, 2013 to complete your taxes.  You must request the extension or you will face late filing fees.


Here is a link to the IRS site for more information and directions on filing.

If you do need to file one of the longer forms, here is a site that will help you- basically on-line tax software for 990s.  It is free if your gross receipts are under $100,000 and $35 for the next tier up- very reasonable!


If you have more questions, contact Tatia Vasbinder at the state PTA at



Dianne Casper

SCPTSA Treasurer

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