Different Methodology Used To Unlock Iphone

iPhone which changed the world of smartphones forever. It was a game changer by Steve jobs. One of the main reason, iPhone was so popular in the industry was its security. The end-to-end encryption system in the device which protects and safeguards the data. We are apprehensive about our personal information being stolen or hacked, and Apple took privacy to a whole new level. The ability to lock your iPhone from the cloud or remotely to use your iCloud account linked with your device made it invincible, and Apple made sure that there is no backdoor in any of their apps so protect the information from being stolen. Though there are a lot of ways geeks and techie people found out to unlock iPhone devices. In this article, we will talk about the methods which are being used to unlock iPhone.

Different methods


jhjhjhjhbvMost of the iPhone come with a contract. You have used their service on your phone. So for any reason, if you lose your iPhone or lock it by accident you can contact your carrier and request to unlock your device. You have to provide the necessary document to prove that you are the actual owner of the device.

Jail breaking

Jailbreaking your iPhone is a risky process and can make your device go dead. What is does is bypasses the lock put in place by Apple and giving you access to use the features which were unauthorized.

Using IMEI

Though we don’t know the exact process how it’s done there are a lot of online unlock service provider who can unlock your iPhone using the IMEI code of your device.


Many You Tuber found a lot of ways to unlock the iPhone using bugs in the operating system. Some of them tried to hang the device by continuously typing the buttons all at once and which makes it restart itself and the lock is removed when it boot up.

Network lock

This is the country lock. When you enter another sim card, it doesn’t work. So you have to contact the previous provider to unlock your network so you can use it. Most people get this lock when they travel overseas.

Third party service

If you search online, you will find lots of websites providing iPhone unlocking service starting from pass lock to unlock iCloud. So you can use their service to unlock the device.

DNS bypass

Another method called DNS bypass. By which, you can use few of the iPhone features.

iCloud unlock

kkjjrrwqWhen a device is lost or stolen iPhone has a feature called find my phone. If your device is linked with your iPhone, you can just turn on the stolen feature from there, and the phone will be locked. Sometimes when you get an iPhone but you don’t know the iCloud password what you can do is check the mail and ask for a new password which should come directly to your email. It’s a bug that I found out and anyone who has the iPhone on but doesn’t know the password of iCloud can unlock it. The unlock iCloud is one of the most effective ways of unlocking an iPhone.

These are all the different methodology used to unlock iPhone. If you get to know, more ways do let us know so we can include it for our readers.