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ADOPTION - High School Science Instructional Materials (9th Grade Physical Science, 11th and 12th Grades Chemistry & Physics) printer friendly page

Science adoption process:

  • The Adoption Committee has been selected and has met once to lay the ground rules and develop the Screening Tools. There are three community members on the committee. One is a parent of children in SPS.  All three are scientists.
  • The Screening Tool has been developed by the Adoption Committee and revised based on recommendations from the Instructional Materials Committee and approved again by the Adoption Committee.
  • We have hired an outside expert in leading district adoptions in secondary science to lead our Adoption Committee�s selection of the materials. This is an effort to keep bias out of the process.
  •  The Adoption Committee will meet on Thurs., Feb. 10th and Mon., Feb. 14th all day to review materials.
  •  Sets of instructional materials will be on display in the Stanford Center from January 31st to Feb. 11th.  (This is a new step in the Adoption Process. There are approximately 34 sets of materials total for Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics.)
  • Materials where on display at the SCPTSA General Meeting on Feb. 7th and  attendants were encouraged to review the materials.

If you have any questions please contact:
Elaine Woo
Science Program Manager, Seattle Public Schools
[email protected]



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