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Seattle Council of
Parent, Teacher and
Student Associations

PO Box 24483
Seattle, WA 98124

(206) 364-7430

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Last Updated:
Feb 4th, 2011

Seattle Council Reflection 2011 Finalists and Honorable Mentions
Reflections is a National PTA cultural arts competition. School level participation was over in November. The city wide award show is Thursday, January 6th from 7-8pm at the JSCE in the auditorium. Finalists and honorable mentions will be given certificates and ribbons. All other participants will receive their ribbons and certificates form their school representatives. Finalists will be going on to state level. You can view all the participants for Seattle schools at www.seattlereflections.com.
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Arts eNews
If you are school staff or a parent in the Seattle Public Schools, the Arts eNews is your source to find educational arts opportunities in the greater Seattle community.
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Arts enrichment in Seattle Public Schools
Click below for a link to Seattle Public Schols Visual and Performing Arts section of their website.
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Reflections 2009-10: Shout out to student artists
Congratulations to Nathan Hale High School's Samuel Phillips-Corwin and Caitlin Morley, both winners of 
Outstanding Interpretation 
in Washington State 
PTA's 2009-2010 Reflections Art 
Contest. (That means they 
are No. 1).
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