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Seattle Council of
Parent, Teacher and
Student Associations

PO Box 24483
Seattle, WA 98124

(206) 364-7430

Know More. Do More.

The more you know, the more effective you are
for your Board and your Membership.

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Last Updated:
Aug 31st, 2010

Membership Information
Nuts and bolts of membership:

1. Membership Payment Instructions - All membership fees should be made payable to the "Seattle Council PTSA" and mailed to the SCPTSA Post Office Box, PO Box 24483 Seattle, WA 98124. Do not send it to the Washington State PTA.
2. Membership Materials - Valuable membership information can be found on the Washington State PTA website www.wastatepta.org/programs/membership.htm and in the WSPTA Annual Leadership Packet.
3. Membership Enrollment - Membership enrollment is available online at the Washington State PTA website. Your PTA's 2010-2011 login and password for online enrollment was mailed to your PTA president. If your PTA has co-presidents, the letter was mailed to the first alphabetically. If your PTA president did not receive a password letter, please contact Melissa Anderson at [email protected] or 800-562-3804. We encourage our Local Units to use the online registration process on a monthly basis after the first membership deadline (October 25, 2009) has been met.
Membership Service Fees - For 2010-11 the minimum member assessment fee is $8.75. This assessment breaks out as follows:

Per member Per Unit
SCPTSA portion: $1.50
WSPTA portion: $5.50
National PTA portion: $1.75
Total per member $8.75
Annual assessment (Oct pmt only)* $5.00

* With the first membership payment due by October 25, 2010, a one-time fee of $5.00 per Local Unit per year should be included in the payment sent to Seattle Council PTSA. This fee is forwarded to WSPTA, which uses the revenue to pay for Washington State's Outstanding Local Unit's attendance at the National PTA Convention in June.

Each Local Unit PTA may add its own membership fee to cover its needs. Typically, Local Unit fees range from $9.25 to $15.00 for a single membership. Many PTAs make available dual memberships, with fees varying from $1.00 to $5.00 less than the total amount due for two single memberships.

October 25 Initial payment of Membership Service Fees.
�If the first fee payment is not received by this date, the local unit will be removed from the WSPTA mailing list and services will be suspended.
�Be sure to include your annual $5.00 required fee per unit.

January 25 Second payment of Membership Service Fees.
�The local unit membership count at this time determines the number of voting delegates to the WSPTA convention. (See WSPTA Bylaws for voting chart.)

May 25 Final payment of Membership Service Fees.
�This count determines program award categories and the amount of membership cards your local unit will be sent next year.
�Call the WSPTA office to remove any duplicate names.
�No refunds on membership service fees will be provided.
�PTAs should also submit their officers for next year at this time via the WSPTA online membership program.

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